Policies: High School Indoor Lacrosse


Only fully registered players may play. Fully registered means that CREASE LACROSSE has: a registration and signed waivers for the player, USA Lacrosse membership ID, and full payment.

A team playing with non-registered players will forfeit that game. In addition, a player who gives his jersey to a non-rostered player to play for him will be suspended for one game.


All sticks must be NCAA attack length (40-42”), except for goalie stick. No long sticks are allowed. All other rules for legal sticks apply (no box or crooked sticks). There can be a stick check (one from each team) during pre-game and halftime, and there can be random stick checks at the referee’s discretion. Rules for Goalie sticks are same as NCAA.

Players must wear full lacrosse equipment: helmets (with cage), shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, protective cup, and a colored mouth guard. Protective cup is MANDATORY!

Sneakers or turf shoes only! NO Cleats.

A set of reversible jerseys will be provided for each team.

Goalies are allowed to wear additional pads.

Goalies must wear throat guard, chest protector and protective cup.

Goalies may not wear "excessive" padding on their legs, torso or arms. "Excessive" shall be at the discretion of the referee.

Referees can call for random equipment/uniform checks.